A woman was visiting her boyfriend at a Bible camp when she suffered burns on 90% of her back when her flannel shirt caught fire as she stood near a propane heater. The woman was about an arm’s length away from the heater when her shirt caught fire.  She says the camp did not warn her of the dangers of standing so closely to the heater.

According to the Norwich Bulletin, a six-person jury awarded the plaintiff $1.4 million for her damages. The lawsuit cited the camp’s negligence in failing to provide adequate warning of the dangers of the propane heater.

The camp already asked the judge to overturn the jury’s decision, arguing that there is not sufficient evidence to prove that the camp acted negligently in failing to warn of the dangers of the heater.

Burn victims may experience life-long effects of their injuries, which may need weeks of medical care to heal properly. Scars are common and can have significant emotional effects on victims. Infections are also not uncommon, especially when victims do not get adequate medical care. If you suffered burn injuries because of another party’s negligence, you may qualify to recover compensation for your damages, including medical treatment, emotional effects of the injury, and more. Call 844-549-8774 to speak with our lawyer referral specialists.