Imagine flicking a lighter to check something out and having the whole room explode. This nightmare scenario happened at a food and wine festival in 2013. It’s taken four years, but the Detroit Free Press has reported that a jury award has been reached in the case.

The injured man was awarded $5 million dollars for the incident. The burns from the exploding propane cylinders covered half of his body. Burn accidents like these are life-threatening and can take years to heal from, let alone get back to full functionality.

The insurance company tried to deny the claim, likely because they believed he owned the truck. However, it was the man’s sister who owned the truck and the jury believed it was her fault that the propane cylinders were not maintained. They were installed back in 2008.

Insurance disputes like these are common, especially in burn cases. Recovery from burns is a long and expensive process. This means insurance companies have to pay out and they don’t like doing that. This is why it’s so important to have a burn lawyer on your side. If you need one, call the number on your screen and we will refer you to one in your local area.

Also, if you have been burned or you’re taking care of a loved one who has been burned, there are many pages on our site about burns and burn care. Burn damage can be more than physical. Disfiguring scars can also cause psychological damage that will need additional care. Get informed. Read our website so you can prepare yourself for the challenges ahead.