Inspectors looking for gas leaks in an apartment complex following an explosion on February 9 have found 63 of them in units throughout the property. The representatives from the gas company have been going through the apartments to identify leaks, and over 20 contractors are performing repairs and replacing natural gas lines.

Crews were seen on the property on Monday performing the repairs, according to News 5 Cleveland. Residents of the complex were being allowed back in their homes after Columbia Gas checked the repairs and gave the okay.

The cause of the explosion is still under investigation. The explosion occurred in the early morning of February 9. One person, an 18-year-old teen who was confined to a wheelchair and had special needs, was pronounced dead on the scene the night of the explosion. His mother and father were badly burned, and his mother later died from her injuries, reports News 5.

Twenty people were displaced as a result of the explosion. The manager of the apartment complex told reporters that people have been sending clothing donations to help residents who lost their belongings in the incident.

Do you know how to detect a gas leak?

Gas leaks can be deadly. If you have natural gas lines in your home, know how to detect a leak. Knowing the signs of a gas leak may have saved lives last year when a Domino’s employee smelled gas and evacuated the restaurant.

Some possible signs of gas leaks include:

  • Smell of sulfur or rotten eggs. (Note: some gas may lose its smell and olfactory limitations may prevent some people from smelling a gas leak.)
  • Hissing or whistling sound.
  • Dry patch of grass over a natural gas line.
  • Damage to gas line, valves, or appliances.
  • Dirt visibly blown by gas from the line.
  • Feel of gas exiting the line.

If you suspect a gas leak or are unsure if you have one, shut off your home’s gas and call the gas company immediately. The gas company will probably send an inspector to check if you have a leak. Do not turn the gas back on until given the okay by the gas company.

If you are ever the victim of serious injuries caused by a gas-related explosion and you believe another party is responsible, you may have a legal claim. Call 844-549-8774 to speak with our lawyer referral specialists for help finding a lawyer who can answer your questions.