Today we have a horrific story from WBAL TV about a child abuse incident involving a burn. A mother dropped off her child with a local babysitter for a few hours. The next day, she noticed her baby’s feet were injured.

She questioned the babysitter about what happened. The babysitter, a grown woman, said she was heating up a tortilla, which she claimed bumped into the child’s feet when taking it out of the pan. But when the mother took her child to the doctor, the doctor said the child had second-degree burns and needed to go to the hospital immediately for burn treatment.

After questioning by the police, the babysitter admitted to placing the child’s feet onto the pan. The reason? She was frustrated with the crying child. Officers arrested the woman who is now facing child abuse charges.

The mother in this case did the right things upon noticing her child’s injuries:

  • Inspected her child for any unusual markings or injuries.
  • Got a medical assessment.
  • Questioned the sitter.
  • If necessary, call the police if you suspect foul play.

If the child is old enough, you can also question the child for his or her side of the story. In this case, the child was too young to talk about the incident.

If you suspect foul play in your child’s burn incident, read our legal FAQ on burn injuries, then call our lawyer referral line at 844-549-8774 to find a lawyer in your area.