People are fascinated by fire. It’s a great way to attract a crowd and to impress people with flaming tricks. We all gather around fireworks for celebrations and love watching onion volcanos at hibachi restaurants. Bartending also has its share of flaming tricks. But for one Orange County resident, this trick backfired horribly.

For a New Year’s Eve celebration, a bartender poured some alcohol onto a bar and lit it on fire as part of a trick. For whatever reason, the flames went much higher than intended and caught a woman’s hair on fire. Her face was badly burned. We don’t know how badly from the story, but it was enough to go to the hospital.

Now the Orange County Fire Authority is investigating the incident.

Fire is always dangerous. Even using a cigarette lighter can cause burns if handled improperly. We teach children about the dangers of heat and fire at a very young age because we know how fascinating it can be. When this fascination goes too far, injuries happen.

Yes, it may be a cool trick to set the bar on fire with alcohol, which wouldn’t damage it, but an alcohol fire is still hot enough to cause injuries. Who knows how many times the bartender tried this trick before? Hopefully, this trick is either banned or strict controls are placed to maintain safety. No one’s holiday needs to be ruined because of fire.

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