We wrote a few days ago about the gas explosion that leveled a Domino’s in Columbus. The investigation into that explosion continues, but a few details have been revealed. The explosion was caused by human error.

There are three companies involved in the matter. Team Fischel Construction was contracted to install fiber-optic lines and struck the six-inch medium-pressure gas line that caused the explosion. Columbia Gas owned the pipeline and was contacted by Team Fischel as required by law prior to digging. They keep the maps and sent a team from UtiliQuest to locate and mark the lines with the records they had. This is common practice in the utility industry.

All of the companies say they followed procedures and have issued statements about the matter, but it’s impossible at this stage to say who was truly at fault. Did Team Fischel drill in the wrong place? Did UtiliQuest mark the wrong line? Did Columbia Gas have faulty information about where the line was located? We just don’t know at this point.

Thankfully there were no injuries in this case, but it could have been much worse. It was only due to quick thinking that lives weren’t lost.

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