Lithium batteries power many of our everyday devices, including cell phones and computers. The technology allows dense storage of energy. However, several devices that use these batteries have exploded, causing severe injuries to consumers.

Recently, a worker at a doctor’s office in Maryland suffered injuries after her computer battery exploded, reports The Bay Times and Record Observer. Another employee was able to put out the fire before the fire department arrived. The worker suffered superficial burns to her face and upper body from the failed battery. She was taken to Baltimore for treatment.

There was no damage to the building itself. The fire marshal deemed the incident an accident.

Why Lithium Batteries Explode

Lithium batteries are a mature technology, but as energy demands have increased and more devices need batteries, some manufacturers take shortcuts or use unproven battery designs. All it takes for one to explode is for the internal electrodes to touch. If it happens, the battery short circuits and heats up, eventually causing a fire or explosion. This story from Wired explains why they fail in more detail.

While this case might be an accident, something happened to cause the battery to fail. If you have a device with a lithium battery that fails and causes burn injuries, speak with a burn lawyer right away. Call 844-549-8774 to talk to our lawyer referral specialists for help finding a lawyer. You may be eligible for compensation to pay for your injuries.