We rely on power plants for so many aspects of modern life, but they are dangerous places. It’s quite easy for fuel to explode or a steam pipe to burst and cause severe burns. And when they do explode, it gets the attention of a lot of regulators.

In Adams County, Ohio, the J.M. Stuart Station suffered an explosion. Six people were taken to the hospital for injuries, none life-threatening. All other employees were accounted for. Witnesses saw black smoke coming out of one of the smokestacks.

The cause of the explosion is uncertain, but the plant is a coal-powered one, and one that is considered to be highly polluting. These plants burn coal to heat water for steam turbines, which turn generators to create electricity. Considering the smoke was black, there may have been an explosion of coal dust somewhere that made the smokestack extra dirty.

There will be a thorough investigation to see what went wrong. We hope that none of the injured were burned, but burns are common in power plant accidents.

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