An early morning fire at a home in the Inner Richmond neighborhood of San Francisco sent one firefighter to the hospital with minor facial burns. The call came in around 9 a.m. and firefighters were soon facing a two-alarm fire as the flames quickly spread through the two-story house. As firefighters extinguished the blaze, one member suffered burns to his face and ears, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

An ambulance took the injured firefighter to San Francisco General Hospital where doctors believe he will make a full recovery. Officials reported no other injuries and the fire was under control around 10 a.m.

Jonathan Baxter of the San Francisco Fire Department told the media that the fire seems to have started in the basement and spread to the rest of the house, including an external shed and stairs.

The Face is One of the Worst Places to Suffer a Burn

Facial burns can be difficult to treat and carry risk of serious complications. Doctors must be careful when treating these burns as scar tissue can impair sight, speech, breathing, and ability to eat.

Scarring is also a big concern after burns on the face. Facial disfigurement associated with burn scars can lead to emotional distress and body image concerns. Serious facial burns may require multiple surgeries to repair the tissue damage and restore the patient’s appearance.

After a Burn Accident, You Might Need Legal Help

Workers injured on the job, such as firefighters who suffer burn injuries while battling a fire, may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Other parties may also be liable depending on the circumstances of the accident. Those injured outside of the workplace may hold liable parties responsible for their injuries too.

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