Building codes keep people safe in the event of a fire. One such building code is the requirement for sprinkler systems in large buildings. Sprinklers can put out or slow down the spread of a fire. When buildings lack sprinkler systems, you can get a situation like this news story from KRCR TV shows.

Firefighters are being praised for their efforts at stopping a blaze that started in a mattress warehouse in Redding, California. The building did not have a fire sprinkler system to stop the fires. Thanks to the efforts of the firefighters, the building’s showroom was saved and the fire didn’t spread to other buildings. Over 40 firefighters responded to the blaze. There was no loss of life or injury.

Why did the building not have a fire sprinkler system? It managed to slip through the cracks thanks to grandfather provisions. The building was originally constructed in the 1940s and used for the same purpose for over 20 years. That allowed the building to be approved under an older set of codes that didn’t require fire sprinklers.

Still, if you own a building it makes sense to learn how to make it safer. If someone were to have been injured in this fire, that may have opened the owner to liability issues.

Fire safety is also important for inside your home as well. We have information on our site that can help you keep you and your family safe. See our post from National Burn Awareness Week from February.