We have another potential product liability case involving a consumer product catching fire. ABC News has reported that a user of the popular FitBit Flex 2 fitness tracking device experienced burns after the device caught fire.

Fitness Shouldn’t Burn This Way

The user of the device was wearing it on her arm while reading when it caught fire. She was able to remove the small, wearable tracker and extinguish the fire, but it still caused second-degree burns on her arm. The doctor who treated her had to pick out pieces of molten plastic that embedded into her skin.

The injured woman did manage to keep a sense of humor about the situation. She thought maybe the device was angry that she was sitting for too long rather than working out.

The company sent her a replacement FitBit after the report and is conducting an investigation. According to the company, this is the first incident they’ve heard of a FitBit Flex 2 catching fire and it is not advising people to stop using the devices.

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