Bartenders try all sorts of tricks to appeal to customers, including, in some cases, setting drinks on fire. Usually, flaming drinks are put out before drinking, but a miscommunication led to a tourist consuming a flaming cocktail and getting badly burned. The San Luis Obispo Tribune has the story.

A Drink Gone Wrong

According to the victim’s lawyer, a bartender at San Simeon Bar & Grill served the victim a drink that was on fire in June 2015. It is unknown what the drink contained, save that it was over 100-proof. The victim spoke little English and didn’t know how to drink the flaming cocktail, but the bartender encouraged him to “just drink it.”

When the victim did, it burn his lips and caused him to spill the drink. This spread the flames further on his face and neck. Now he is suing for damages and plans to consult with a cosmetic surgeon.

Neither the management of the bar nor any legal team for it responded to the newspaper with further information. However, the insurance company for the bar has been in talks with the victim’s lawyer and is reportedly eager for more information.

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