If it goes into a car, it’s probably flammable. Gasoline and diesel have to be handled with care to avoid an explosion. Most cars have safeguards against flash fires, but when you’re filling up a large tank, the risk for vapors igniting may be higher.

Naples Daily News reported on a fuel truck flash fire explosion in Immokalee, Florida. The incident occurred at a pump for bulk fuel trucks. The small explosion damaged the roof of the structure. About 30 gallons of diesel fuel also spilled.

No one was hurt, but it could have been much worse. If it was gasoline the chance of an explosion would have been much higher. According to Thomas Cunningham of the Immokalee Fire Control District, the cause  of the explosion may have been a static discharge.

Avoiding Gasoline Explosions

Gas and diesel both create fumes that, when concentrated enough, can ignite. Most people know to turn off their vehicles before fueling even an external tank, but static electricity is another cause of some flash explosions. Even a cell phone can generate enough of a spark to cause an explosion.

Fueling Safely

When fueling, take these precautions.

  • Touch metal or your car’s exterior before pumping fuel.
  • If filling an external tank or canister, put the fuel canister on the ground, if possible, and leave it there while fueling.
  • If fuel starts to leak, stop pumping and call an attendant.
  • Do not smoke or use your cell phone while fueling.
  • If you have to re-enter your car while fueling, ground yourself again before touching the pump handle.

These tips can prevent a flash explosion like this one. If you’ve been injured in an explosion at a gas station and you need legal assistance, call our lawyer referral specialists at 844-549-8774. The information on our website can also help you with burn treatment options and what to expect during your recovery.