Oil drilling is a vital occupation for the modern economy. It’s also a very dangerous one. One false move and an explosion can happen. OSHA is investigating another explosion that just happened yesterday.

Workers in Kansas city were performing a drill stem test. This is a test that lets oil drillers know whether or not a particular well is commercially viable. During the test, natural gas seeped up out of the hole and flowed along the ground to a warming hut where there were running heaters. The heat ignited the gas and caused the explosion.

Five workers were injured, two of them critically. This isn’t the first run-in with OSHA for the drilling company. They’ve been investigated seven times by OSHA since 2006, including one fatality in 2008. The drilling company owns more than 1300 wells across the Midwest.

OSHA plays a very important role for burn victims. They can determine the cause of an accident and make an official ruling. This has important implications for any settlement that might arise from the case. Recovering from burn injuries can be very expensive and require months of recovery time.

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