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What is a concrete burn?

Concrete burns can result from prolonged exposure to concrete mix, which contains a mixture of aggregates and cement mix that is extremely caustic. How does cement mix burn the skin? The chemicals that compose cement mix include iron, calcium, aluminum, silicon, and other chemicals. When the cement powder combines with crushed rock or other aggregate, [...]

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Can hair dye burn your scalp?

Yes, hair dye can burn the scalp. It can also burn the face, eyes, hair, and hands. How does hair dye burn the scalp? Hair dye is full of many different chemicals, including bleach or ammonia, that can burn the scalp or cause irritation if you leave them on too long or use them incorrectly. [...]

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Can bleach burn your skin?

Yes, bleach can burn skin. Bleach burns can result from household, industrial, or commercial chemicals. How long does it take for bleach to burn the skin? Bleach usually does not burn on contact. It tends to require prolonged exposure to burn the skin. If you are handling bleach, concrete mix, or other caustic chemicals, always [...]

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Chemical Burns in the Eyes

Chemical burns in the eye are more common than most people know. A person can suffer an eye chemical burn anytime s/he uses a chemical without using goggles or face protection. Anyone who sustains a chemical burn in the eye needs to seek immediate medical attention. What types of chemicals can burn the eyes? Most [...]

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Chemical Burns from Bleach

Although household bleach is not as caustic as many other household chemicals, if it comes into direct contact with skin, it can irritate the skin and cause a burning sensation. If you do not wash it off right away, bleach can eventually burn the skin and cause tissue damage. Chemical burns from bleach can lead [...]

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Chemical Burns on Lips: Causes, Effects, and Treatments

Chemical burns on the lips can happen in a variety of ways. These can include: Incorrect use of products intended for the skin or hair, e.g., using the products in a way the manufacturer did not intend, experimenting at home with do-it-yourself treatments like facial peels or facial hair bleaching, burns at a beauty salon [...]

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What are flash burns?

Flash burns come from brief exposure to flames, heat, electricity, chemicals, or UV radiation. There are two main types of flash burns: Corneal flash burns These flash burns affect the cornea of the eye. The cornea is the layer that sits over the iris (the colored portion of the eye). A corneal flash burn occurs [...]

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Chemical Burns

Most people think of burns as involving a heat source, but that is not always the case. Chemical burns, also referred to as caustic burns, occur when the skin comes in contact with some type of chemical irritant, such as bleach or gasoline. These types of burns are particularly dangerous because toxic fumes can also [...]

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