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Are IPL burns permanent?

Whether IPL burns are permanent depends on whether they are actually a burn, how severe they are, and the location of the burn. Some uses of IPL will temporarily result in skin that looks and feels like a minor burn, but is not. What is IPL treatment? Is it the same as laser treatment? IPL [...]

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Do laser burns go away?

Whether laser burns go away depends on your unique situation. To determine whether your laser burns will go away and when, consider the following: Are your burns from a procedure like facial ablation (i.e., resurfacing)? Did you suffer a burn or is it just skin irritation? Did your procedure cause a pigment change? In some [...]

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What is a laser burn?

Laser burns can result from various cosmetic treatments, such as laser hair removal and laser resurfacing. Determining whether a laser burn is really a burn or simply a part of the treatment process can be complex. Learn more below. What does a laser burn look like? A laser burn can be swollen and painful. If [...]

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