Hoverboards have been under much scrutiny after reports of fires and battery explosions. Over half a million have been recalled so far. Yet, more fires keep happening, as this story from NBC Nebraska explains.

In many cases, hoverboard explosions happen while people ride them. This time, it happened during a routine battery replacement. Over 50% of the victim’s body was burned from the explosion. The rest of the family was able to put the fire out before it burned the home, but the injured man had to be taken to the hospital for treatment.

The family bought the hoverboard off of eBay. Many people are still unaware of how dangerous these devices can be. If you wish to buy one, CPSC.gov has a list of all recalled hoverboards. You should also inspect the battery for any bulges or cracking; these are signs that gasses are building up inside the battery, which could cause an explosion or fire.

What Makes Batteries Fail?

Lithium-ion batteries become dangerous when insulation or electrode-separating components are compromised. The explosion even releases a corrosive liquid that causes more damage. The result is extreme burns that can take weeks or months to heal.

It’s a good idea to inspect your batteries if possible for bulging, cracking, or unusual heat. These are all signs of potential failure. Do not purchase items under federal recall; if you already own a product under recall, contact the manufacturer or retailer about returning it for a refund.

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