How much do you know about the dangers of laparoscopic surgery? This is often described as “minimally invasive” surgery, and it is that. Laparoscopic surgery uses small slits and cameras to let surgeons enter the body with a minimum of cutting. However, there is an increasing awareness of some hidden dangers of laparoscopic surgery that you need to be aware of.

The danger is called “stray energy”. It may sound like a New Age concept, but it’s actually an electrical burn inside of the body. Laparoscopic devices are powered by electricity, and like all electrical devices, there is a danger of a short. The wet interior of the human body can cause electricity to flow from the devices and cause hidden injuries that can be life-threatening. It can also happen when devices aren’t properly shielded or have been worn from use.

A Near-Fatal Story

NBC Los Angeles reveals the story of someone who got a perforated bowel after a laparoscopic surgery. Her hope was to remove lesions that may have been preventing her from getting pregnant. Instead, she had to deal with extremely painful peritonitis that almost killed her. She had to stay several weeks in the hospital and undergo multiple surgeries.

The doctor described the damage as if someone threw a mini hand grenade in the area.

How Common is it?

There may be thousands of cases of this every year according to a recent story. While the chance of a death is small, it is not insignificant. The internal electrical burns can cause all sorts of havoc.

If you experienced sudden pain after a laparoscopic surgery or believe you may have been harmed by “stray energy”, you need to speak with a burn lawyer right away. If you live in the United States, call our lawyer referral number at the top of the page. We’ll put you in touch with a qualified burn lawyer in your area.