Officials are still trying to determine what caused a mid-morning explosion on Wednesday at a truck manufacturing plant in Minnesota. The McNeilus Truck & Manufacturing Inc. plant was operating with less staff than usual thanks to an off-site training event. Around 10:30 a.m., employees on site reported a loud explosion, according to media reports.

Six employees suffered injuries from the explosion. Two required an airlift by medical helicopter to a St. Paul hospital. An ambulance took two others to a Rochester hospital and emergency responders provided on-site medical treatment to the other two employees. The injured employees’ conditions are unknown at this time, but five remain in medical care.

Employees evacuated the building quickly and the plant closed for the day while investigators worked to determine the cause of the blast. After closing the road outside the plant for the morning, officials reopened it later and the area around the plant is considered safe and secure.

Officials are thankful the plant was operating with fewer employees than normal that day or the injury toll could have been higher.

Industrial Sites are Common Areas for Explosions to Occur

Any time you have machinery there is the risk of explosions, especially in vehicle manufacturing where combustible materials are often stored. Many industrial jobs also come with the risk of chemical burns.

Many sources can cause explosions such as natural gas, fireworks and gunpowder, and even high-pressure liquids. Pressurized explosions can also cause scald burns from hot steam.

Workers’ compensation should cover a burn injury that happens on the job. If you would like to speak with a lawyer or need legal assistance, call our lawyer referral specialists at 844-549-8774.