Laundromats often run their banks of dryers on gas lines. It’s more efficient to do it this way. But that gas line can be the source of a potential explosion if it isn’t maintained right. Just one spark is all it takes.

ABC 15 in Phoenix reports that two people are extremely lucky after an explosion in a laundromat where this happened. A man and a woman were in a tiny laundromat drying their clothes. But there was a hidden gas leak. The explosion pushed them out of the laundromat. One of them hit a car. The other had rebar fall on them. Miraculously, both of them only had minor injuries and refused hospitalization!

Firefighters were able to contain the blaze and shut off the gas. They were amazed that so little damaged happened to the couple.

People die in explosions every year. It’s rare, but they happen. Natural gas is the usual cause. Get your pipes and hoses inspected yearly to prevent leaks. And if you ever smell gas, leave the area immediately and call 911.

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