Today we have a story from Augusta, Maine that shows the dangers that people who are on oxygen can face. All burning outside of a star requires oxygen to take place. In fact, the term used in chemistry for the process of burning is oxidation. Here’s what happened.

WGME reported that a woman on oxygen caught fire after she started smoking. It happened in the early morning at her home. She’s now in Maine Medical Center in critical condition. It’s a simple case with a definitive cause. Even though oxygen tubes may go into your nose so you can breathe it, oxygen still leaks out. Having a cigarette that close to an oxygen source is a sure way to start a fire. Never smoke while on oxygen. The risks are too great.

Welders know the dangers of oxygen as well. Acetylene welding uses oxygen as a fuel source to melt metal for welds. Welders have to go through long training about how to handle large oxygen bottles to avoid a possible explosion from a stray spark. Medical professionals also have to undergo training to safely use oxygen supplies. One wrong move and lives will be at risk.

Safety Tips

If you need to use oxygen regularly, speak with your doctor about the dangers. Keep all oxygen bottles at least 5 feet away from flame sources. Don’t use electric razors either because they can spark. Do not smoke while using oxygen, nor use petroleum-based products which can become highly flammable in the presence of oxygen. Finally, know how you will escape your home in case of a fire.

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