A new treatment could remarkably speed the healing process of burn wounds. The SkinGun sprays the patient’s own stem cells onto the wound, promoting the healing process. RenovaCare, which created the SkinGun, says it can heal a wound in a matter of days without scarring.

RenovaCare CEO Thomas Bold explained to Bloomberg how the treatment works:

  • Doctors take stem cells from the patient’s own tissue.
  • They place the stem cells into a water-based solution and then into a syringe.
  • They attach the syringe to the SkinGun and spray the stem cell-containing solution onto the wound.

The procedure takes about 90 minutes.

How does the SkinGun speed healing?

Burn wounds usually heal from the edges inward. The longer this takes, such as with larger or more severe wounds, the greater the opportunity for infection. Scarring is also more likely.

SkinGun sprays stem cells over the wound, creating tens of thousands of “little regenerative islands” each growing outwards until they connect to each other, helping the wound heal, Bold told Bloomberg.

Experts believe this could be an alternative to invasive skin graft surgery. These surgical procedures require taking part of the patient’s own skin (or donor, synthetic, or animal skin) and placing it over the burn wound. The body will then generate new skin in 10 to 14 days.

SkinGun, experts hope, could promote skin regeneration in a fraction of the time and without the risks involved in skin graft surgery. The procedure is awaiting approval for commercial use in the United States.

Talk to Your Doctor about Burn Treatment Options

Be an active participant in your treatment for burn wounds. Ask questions, make sure you understand your treatment, and inform your doctor of your symptoms and any concerns you have. You can also refer to our free Phases of Burn Care download, which describes the three stages of burn care and treatment.

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