Kids like to push boundaries and that leads them to try stupid things. Witness the various pain challenges that float in and out of popularity. We talked about the salt and ice challenge a while ago, which can lead to cold burns so severe it can require skin grafts. Now another challenge is making the rounds.

The Eraser Challenge

Back in 2014, the eraser challenge boomed in popularity. Teens were rubbing erasers hard across their skin for as long as they could, often trying to sing as much of the ABC song as they could. The friction and pressure heated up the skin and left tissue damage. Teens would show off their injuries to each other. Now the challenge is popping back up again in YouTube videos according to this article from CW 33.

The problem with these injuries is that they’re actually burns. Usually, it causes a first-degree burn, but it can be bad enough to cause more serious injuries and may even lead to an infection. An infection can cause a challenger to have to go the hospital for treatment. It’s not worth the peer pressure and social benefit to hurt yourself for popularity. Furthermore, these challenges like the salt and ice challenge can lead to lifelong scarring.

Don’t try these kinds of challenges. It’s not worth it. Make sure your children understand this too.

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