Twelve people suffered injuries and dozens of people had to evacuate on Sunday in a fire at Boyne Highlands, a ski resort in Michigan, reports the Detroit Free Press. The fire broke out in the main lodge of the resort. A large portion of the resort suffered fire damage, and most suffered smoke and water damage.

None of the injuries were life-threatening, according to the resort. One person was taken to a hospital in Grand Rapids. The resort reports there were 113 guests at the resort at the time of the fire. The resort is now closed as officials investigate the cause of the fire.

General Manager of Boyne Highlands Mike Chumbler reports that the staff went door to door to make sure the guests were aware of the fire and were evacuating. They had gone through a mock fire scenario within the last year.

Do victims of fires at commercial establishments have legal claims?

It depends on the cause of the fire and whether the facility took appropriate action to prevent fires, mitigate their effects, evacuate guests, and avoid injuries. The cause of this particular fire is still under investigation, so it is difficult to say what liability the resort or any other party may have.

To hold a commercial establishment liable for the fire, potential claimants must also have suffered damages, including injuries and financial losses or expenses. Those who suffered burn injuries in the fire may be able to hold the resort or other parties liable, depending on the circumstances of the fire.

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