We rely on chemical plants to create the compounds we need. But while the final products they create are relatively safe for consumers, many of the intermediate steps in their creation involve dangerous chemicals. And when an explosion happens at these chemical plants, the results can be deadly for workers and for the general public.

Two such explosions hit the news recently. One was in China and the other was in Spain. The Daily Mail reports that in China, cameras caught a huge magnesium explosion at a factory in Luliang City. No casualties were reported, but the brightness of the magnesium fire could be seen from quite a distance. Magnesium shavings are highly flammable, as any camper knows, and will burn quite hot. Firefighters were placed to guard the facility while the fire was put out because of the intense heat and danger.

The one in Spain could end up being much worse. That plant was a chlorine plant in Paterna. The Mirror reports that huge plumes of smoke were captured on film and may have released toxic chlorine gasses into the air. It isn’t known how many may have been injured or killed in the explosion. Chlorine gas may not burn you, but it deadly to humans.

Chemical plants are an essential yet dangerous part of modern living. Those who are injured in explosions at chemical plants need support. Our website has information that can help you in your recovery process. We can also put you in touch with a burn lawyer in your area. Call the number on your screen if you wish to use this free referral service.