Vaping equipment and e-cigarettes may be exploding in popularity, but they are also exploding in other ways. A graphic video posted by one victim exposes the dangers that these devices can hold when the batteries explode.

A man in Idaho lost nine teeth when the device he was using blew up in his face. It also took out a large chunk of the bathroom sink. You can see images in this article, but we warn you that they are graphic.

It is believed that condensation from the bathroom got into the battery and caused an explosion. The lithium-ion batteries used in many vaping products are light and hold a good charge, but if they are used in improper conditions they can cause explosions.

We had a previous article about a vaping battery that exploded in a man’s hand for unknown reasons and caused burns that threaten his ability to work. There are many similar stories. Put simply, badly-made lithium-ion batteries are a hazard to consumers.

If you do choose to vape, take these precautions to keep the battery in good condition:

  • Don’t use them in wet areas.
  • Never mix and match chargers and batteries. A voltage mismatch can cause an explosion.
  • Do not overcharge.
  • Low-quality batteries, like those in found in many cheap vaping kits, can malfunction in cold weather or in hot cars.

Better still, avoid vaping entirely until a safer battery technology can be invented.

Have you been chemically burned by a bad lithium-ion battery? Read through our website to learn how you can take care of yourself during recovery. If you need a referral to a burn lawyer in your area, call us. We can help.