A woman in Kansas is recovering after suffering second-degree burns when a blender she was using “exploded,” sending piping hot beans onto her face and chest.

NBC 26 reports the Olathe, Kansas, woman put cooked beans, which had been cooling for a couple hours, into her NutriBullet RX, a high-powered blender. The blender has a “Souperblast” mode that heats food while blending, but the woman says she did not use it.

“I didn’t push the button for the heating,” she said according to NBC 26. “There’s a little circle that you click on. I didn’t do that because I was going to refry them.”

Nevertheless, when she went to open the canister, she says it felt warm. And when she opened the top, the hot food inside exploded out the top, covering her in scalding hot food and causing her injuries.

Unfortunately, the woman is not insured and is hoping to pay for her medical bills via a GoFundMe page and may pursue litigation against the NutriBullet manufacturer.

Why Food Explodes In A Blender

It is a bad idea to blend hot food in a blender without adequate venting. The hot food can cause pressure to build until the lid bursts off and scatters hot food everywhere. Hot foods should be pureed at low speed with proper ventilation to allow heat to escape. Always use high-powered blenders like this one with care.

Meanwhile, if you suffer burns because of a faulty kitchen appliance, you should speak with a lawyer who is familiar with burn cases. Call 844-549-8774 to speak with our lawyer referral specialists who can help you find legal help for your case.