A young boy in North Miami Beach, Florida recalled a phrase he learned from the movie ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ to alert mother of a fire near the stove, reports WSVN 7News.

Mason Einhorn, 4, was with his brother Brody, 2, when he saw smoke in the family’s kitchen. Brody was playing with the knobs on the stove. Recalling a phrase he heard from ‘Alvin and The Chipmunks,’ Mason started yelling, “Fire in the hole!”

His mother, Michele Einhorn, thought Mason was watching a YouTube video, telling him, “No, Mason, don’t say that.” As Mason kept insisting he saw fire and smoke, Michele, who was in the next room, investigated and found a pizza box on the stove in flames. She extinguished the fire.

A camera in one of the bedrooms recorded audio of the incident.

“I’m so proud. He’s my hero,” Michele told WSVN 7News. Mason was later invited to visit a local fire department to meet with firefighters.

What does this incident teach us about fire safety?

Mason is deservedly receiving a lot of praise for his quick thinking to alert his mother of the fire on the stove. Teaching children how to respond to emergencies and get help can prevent tragedies.

Parents can also reduce the risk of fire and burns by babyproofing the home against hazards. Babyproofing items are available at many hardware stores, baby stores, and online retailers. Latches to prevent access to ovens as well as stove guards are available.

Finally, keeping flammable objects like pizza boxes, towels, and paper products away from the stove can further prevent housefires.

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