As soon as the immediate trauma of a burn accident passes, many burn victims and their families start researching their legal options. Is there someone they can hold accountable for the harm that they have suffered? How do they go about seeking financial recovery for their medical bills and lost wages? What steps do they need to take to file a burn injury claim or lawsuit, and do they need a burn injury attorney?

The simple fact of the matter is that many burn injuries are not “accidents.” There is a definite cause to each burn incident. Moreover, when someone other than the victim caused or contributed to the accident, the burn victim has the right to seek compensation for damages from that party.

The way to go about this is filing an insurance claim with the liable party’s insurer or filing a civil personal injury lawsuit. In either case, you may benefit from hiring an attorney to help you with the burn injury claims process and ensure you get the full amount of compensation you are entitled to. Call us for help finding a lawyer.

Why should I hire an attorney for my burn case?

If another party was responsible for the burn incident, an attorney can help you pursue fair settlement to cover your expenses and to compensate you for your physical, financial, and emotional losses. While no amount of money will ever undo the harm you suffered, it can help cover your financial needs during and after your recovery.

Treatment for a burn injury can cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. In fact, serious burns injuries can cost over $1.5 million, and if there are complications, the cost of care can exceed $10 million, according to Paradigm Outcomes.

“Burn care is the one of the costliest areas of health care. Long hospital stays, multiple operations, and expensive equipment requirements make it expensive,” explain researchers in a study published in Annals of Burns and Fire Disasters.

Add to this your lost wages and the emotional harms you suffered, and your burn injury case may be worth a substantial amount of money. Having a lawyer advise you on your options and how to go about securing the funds you need and deserve can be invaluable.

What can an attorney help me do?

When you work with an attorney, the first thing he or she will do is review the specifics of your case and determine if you can hold someone accountable for the accident. For instance, this might be a manufacturer of a defective smoke alarm, or an electrical contractor who left live wires exposed.

An attorney can also explain your options, tell you what to expect at every stage of the claims or lawsuit process, and represent your best interests each step of the way. Seeking compensation for injuries requires a lot of paperwork filing, negotiating, documenting, gathering of evidence, etc. – and putting it all into proper legal format under tight deadlines. You might not know how to handle all these things, but an injury lawyer does.

In addition, attorneys work on a contingency basis (they do not charge a fee unless and until they help secure a settlement). In the event they do not secure a settlement, you may be responsible for costs.

Where can I find an attorney to help me with my case?

To find an attorney who handles burn injury cases, call our lawyer referral specialists who can help you find a lawyer who can represent you and pursue the compensation you need and deserve. Call 844-549-8774.