Beauty professionals are trained to primp and polish their clients, performing certain procedures to help them look their best. You entrust them with your care, and you pay good money for the services they provide. But beauty salons are not without their dangers, and some people who go in for basic hair, nails, or waxing treatments wind up getting more than they bargained for – such as a chemical or thermal burn injury at a beauty salon. 

How do burns occur at beauty salons?

Caustic chemicals or heat sources cause most burn injuries at beauty salons. Below are some of the most common causes and contributing factors.

  • Defective equipment: Dangerously designed curling or flat irons, hair dryers that spark, and wax heaters that overheat the wax can all cause thermal burns.
  • Chemicals: Chemicals in hair and skin treatments such as ammonia can cause burns, as can contaminated or expired chemicals.
  • Failing to test: Beauty professionals are supposed to test a treatment on a patch of skin prior to administering the treatment to ensure the client does not have an allergic or adverse reaction.
  • Failing to follow procedure: In order to prevent burns, the salon worker must stick to the product’s directions. If she leaves the hair color or wax on too long, for example, it might burn the client.

What do I do if I suffered a burn injury at the salon?

As soon as you realize you sustained a burn injury – be it at the salon or once you get home – you need to treat your injuries and notify the salon. If the burn is minor, you can use simple at-home remedies to address the pain, but if the burn blisters, covers a large area, or is the result of a chemical, you should go to the doctor for evaluation and treatment.

Second-degree burns will blister and ooze, can be very painful, and require bandaging to prevent infection. Even more serious third-degree burns can damage all the layers of skin and deeper structures, and lead to permanent scarring. Burns of this severity usually require skin grafting.

All of this treatment and the effects of the burn can cause significant financial burden on the patient and his or her family. In addition to the medical bills, patients may not be able to return to work for some time while recovering; the burn might even prevent the patient from ever returning to work. Burn injuries also may have psychological effects that require counseling.

Remember to tell the salon about your burn as soon as possible. The salon will probably ask you to fill out a report to give to the manager or to its corporate office if it is a chain. Informing the salon is important because it protects you legally if you wind up filing an insurance claim for injuries.

Likewise, make sure to keep your medical records and receipts for your burn-related expenses, which you will need should you qualify for compensation.

Can I file a claim for my burn injuries?

You might qualify to file a claim and recover your losses related to your burn injury if the salon was somehow negligent in the care they provided you. In some cases, it might not be the salon that is responsible, but rather a product or equipment manufacturer.

Talk to a lawyer about your legal options following a burn injury and who might be liable. Our lawyer referral specialists can help you find a lawyer who can help with your burn injury case, so call us today at 844-549-8774.