Have You Suffered a Burn Injury? Find Out What Every Burn Victim Should Know About the Burn Injury Phases of Care.

ebook-image-smallHaving a thorough understanding of burn care is a good step toward relieving some anxiety, feeling better prepared for the process, and planning for the short- and long-term care you or a loved one will receive.

Burn care spans three phases:

  • Phase One – Emergent Care: Focuses on stopping and accessing the burn and keeping vital organs functioning.
  • Phase Two – Acute Care: Focuses on preventing infection and promoting the healing process.
  • Phase Three – Rehabilitative Care: Focuses on the long-term care – improving mobility, relieving pain, reducing the appearance of scars, providing emotional support, and finding financial support.

This slideshow – which is absolutely free – goes over each phase in greater detail so you know what to expect every step of the way. Download a copy and save it to your computer, smartphone, tablet, or just print a copy for quick reference. Keep it with you as you or your loved one passes through each stage of care.

How To Get Your Free Download: Burn Injury Phases of Care

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