Yes, hair dye can burn the scalp. It can also burn the face, eyes, hair, and hands.

How does hair dye burn the scalp?

Hair dye is full of many different chemicals, including bleach or ammonia, that can burn the scalp or cause irritation if you leave them on too long or use them incorrectly.

Can hair dye burn my scalp if I use it as directed?

If used as directed, hair dye is usually safe and does not cause irritation or burns. Nonetheless, scalp burns and other adverse scalp reactions can occur when a person has an allergic reaction to any of the chemicals in the hair dye.

What can happen if I do not use hair dye as directed?

Allergic Reactions

Although the package instructions that come with hair dye advise people to do a patch test before using the product, not everyone takes that step. It can be expensive and time-consuming.

Without performing a patch test, you won’t be able to determine whether you are allergic to any of the ingredients before covering your hair and scalp with it.

Leaving Dye on the Hair Too Long

It can be tempting, especially when trying to cover color-resistant hair or when trying to make a dramatic change in one’s hair color, to leave the dye on the hair longer than recommended. In addition to being ineffective, it can actually burn the scalp and damage the hair.

Mixing Hair Dyes

If you cannot find the exact shade you want, you might be tempted to buy two hair dyes and combine them to achieve the effect you desire. This is a bad idea, one that can have disastrous consequences.

Hair dye is a complicated combination of chemicals designed to work together, and only with each other. When you combine two sets of chemicals that were not intended to be put together, you can have dangerous chemical reactions. If you want a specific color, have a professional mix it and apply it for you.

Using Hair Dye on Recently Processed Hair

If your hair has recently been processed with any chemicals, you should not use hair dye without first checking with the hair dye manufacturer. The packaging should contain contact information for the manufacturer’s helpline. Using hair dye on hair recently treated with a relaxer, permanent wave, straightening treatment, or other chemical treatment can result in scalp burns and hair damage.

How can I prevent a chemical burn from hair dye?

While the best way to prevent chemical burns from hair bleach is by having a professional color-treat your hair, if you decide to color your hair at home, follow these tips:

  • Always do a patch test.
  • Never leave hair dye on for longer than recommended. Wash your hair thoroughly to remove all hair dye.
  • Always wear gloves.
  • Wash your hair as soon as you feel any irritation or burning.

If you think you sustained a scalp burn, do the following:

  • Wash the dye out immediately. Use lukewarm or cool water as hot water can worsen the burn.
  • Apply aloe vera gel to the burn. Do not apply ointments or petroleum jelly without first speaking to a doctor. These can cause an allergic reaction or smother the burn, keeping the heat in.
  • Speak with a doctor as soon as possible.

Can I recover compensation for my burn?

In most cases, hair dye burns are the result of leaving hair dye on too long at home. However, if a manufacturer’s instructions were incomplete or incorrect, or if a beauty salon employee caused your burn, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Our legal referral specialists can connect you with a lawyer who can evaluate your case and determine its validity.

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