Yes, you can use certain ointments on first-degree burns to relieve pain. But be careful about what you put on burned skin, because some home remedies can worsen the injury.

Two ointments you can put on a first-degree burn are:

  • Aloe vera
  • Petroleum jelly

Once you apply aloe vera or petroleum jelly, cover the burn with a dry gauze bandage to protect it from further injury or irritation.

Ask your doctor before using an antibiotic ointment. They can cause harm if you are allergic to an ingredient in the ointment. And first-degree burns are not at as high a risk of infection as more severe injuries.

Other home remedies that some people might find harmful include cortisone, creams, butter, egg whites, and oils. Do not apply ice or ice water to your burn either. Doing this can also make things worse, not better, as the low temperature of the ice or water can further damage the skin. Run cool, not cold, water over the burn.

If you are unsure whether a burn ointment is safe to use, consult your doctor first. And if your burn begins to blister or you experience negative side effects of any ointment or medication, seek medical attention.