Third-degree burns are serious burns that should always receive immediate medical treatment. You should not try to treat a third-degree burn on your own at home. Call 911 or get to a medical facility right away. You may need to stay in the hospital for several days or weeks to receive treatment, undergo surgery, and/or recover.

Upon your release from the emergency room, hospital, or burn center, you will need to properly care for the third-degree burn at home. Carefully follow the doctor’s discharge orders. Given the susceptibility of third-degree burns to infection, you need to keep the burn wound clean and free from contaminants to prevent infection. Change the dressings as often as directed by your doctor.

If the doctor prescribed you antibiotics or any other medications, take the prescribed amount as directed. It can be dangerous to stop taking a medication before completing the prescribed number of doses. If you suspect you are having an adverse reaction to a medication, call 911 immediately. Further, if your burn worsens or you experience any complications, seek medical care immediately.

If you suffered a third-degree burn that someone else caused, you may have a legal claim to help you pay for all this medical treatment and other damages. Contact our lawyer referral specialists at 844-549-8774 for help finding a lawyer who can help you with your claim.