No, first-degree burns (also called superficial burns) do not cause scarring. They damage the outer layer of skin and while they cause skin redness, swelling, and pain, they do not cause burn blisters or scarring. Most first-degree burns heal within several days to a week.

If you have a first-degree burn, your skin may become dry and the damaged skin may peel as part of the healing process to reveal the healthy skin below. If the first-degree burn covers a large area or is on your face or other critical area, you should seek prompt medical attention. Otherwise, small first-degree burns usually heal on their own, without the need for professional medical attention and without scarring. Ask your doctor about any ointments or other self-care techniques that may relieve pain during healing.

It is important to note that some burns may initially appear to be first-degree burns because there is no blistering. Blisters can, in fact, appear within a matter of hours. If the burn blisters, the burn is actually a second-degree burn, which can leave a scar. If you suffered a burn and it begins to blister, seek medical care from a doctor.