Whether laser burns go away depends on your unique situation. To determine whether your laser burns will go away and when, consider the following:

  • Are your burns from a procedure like facial ablation (i.e., resurfacing)?
  • Did you suffer a burn or is it just skin irritation?
  • Did your procedure cause a pigment change?

In some cases, what looks like a burn is just a side effect, or even an intended result, of the procedure. Consider the following:

Burns from Facial Ablation

When a person has a facial laser ablation, doctors intentionally destroy the outer layer of skin so that healthy new skin can grow to take its place. This will look and feel like a burn, even though it is — usually — not one. The skin will be painful, swollen, raw, and red like a burn; however, this is normal for this procedure.

How long does this last?

Your skin will begin to heal in approximately two weeks. Do not touch or scratch your face.

If your skin does not begin to heal or if you suffer any complications, call your doctor immediately to discuss what to do next.

Skin Irritation from Laser Procedures

One common side effect of cosmetic laser procedures is skin irritation that is red, painful, and swollen. Many people mistake this side effect for a burn.

How long does this last?

The symptoms can last from a few hours to a few days. If your symptoms last longer than that, check with your doctor as you may have suffered an actual burn.

Pigment Changes

Laser treatments can cause pigment changes in the skin. The skin can go from light to dark, or from dark to light. Either pigment change can be noticeable.

How long does this last?

Some of these pigment changes are temporary, and fade with days or weeks.  Others are long-term or permanent. Keep your skin covered to prevent anymore discoloration.

Actual Burns

In some cases, cosmetic or surgical procedures can result in a burn. When this happens, it is best to get medical attention as soon as possible. Laser burns can be deeper than they appear from the surface. It can be difficult to determine the extent or the severity of a laser burn without a medical evaluation.

How long does this last?

How long a laser burn lasts depends on the severity and depth of the burn, as well as its size and location. Follow the medical instructions your doctor gives you. If the burn does not heal at the rate your doctor told you to expect, worsens, or appears to be infected, contact your doctor.

If you suffered a first-degree burn, it should heal within a few days. (Note: First-degree burns do not blister; if you have blisters, you have a second-degree burn and should head to your doctor to determine your next steps.)

If you suffered a second-degree burn, it should heal within a few weeks.

How long third and fourth-degree burns take to heal depends on many factors, especially how quickly you received treatment, the size, and the location.

Is it possible to expedite the healing time?

It depends. You can protect yourself from scars and complications by:

  • Protecting your burn from the sun (e.g., wearing a sunscreen or covering the burned area).
  • Keeping the skin moisturized and covered to prevent infection.

Can I recover compensation for my laser burn?

Those performing laser procedures should have the training and experience necessary to keep patients safe from harm; unfortunately, inexperienced technicians and even well-trained professionals make mistakes. Fortunately, if you suffered a laser burn from a cosmetic or surgical procedure, you can likely hold the practitioner responsible. We can help you find a lawyer who can handle your claim.

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