Mederma is a topical cream that many people use to reduce the appearance of scarring. Some research seems to support the effectiveness of Mederma at reducing scar appearance. But as with any topical treatment, whether Mederma could be beneficial depends on your scar and its severity.

What is Mederma?

The Mederma brand includes several products intended for use on scars and stretch marks. All Mederma® products contain Cepalin®, Mederma®’s proprietary formula made of botanical extracts. The manufacturer of Mederma®, Merz, states that the products are successful at improving the texture, color, and overall appearance of burn scars.

How does Mederma work?

The active ingredient in Mederma is allantoin, a chemical that softens keratin (i.e., a protein that toughens skin) and helps remove dead skin cells.

Mederma also contains allium cepa (i.e., onion) bulb extract which a 2012 study in Dermatology Research and Practice found helps improve the appearance of scars. It includes various other ingredients that help keep the skin hydrated, a key to removing scars.

The overnight scar cream Mederma PM contains Tripeptol™, which has peptides, collagen, and antioxidants to fight damage from free radicals while you sleep.

How effective is Mederma at removing burn scars?

While the manufacturer acknowledges there are no products that completely erase scars, it claims its products make scars look smoother and softer, which will make them less noticeable.

A study in The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology found a 36 percent improvement in the overall appearance of scars after using Mederma for eight weeks in comparison to untreated scars.

In fact, Mederma actually guarantees results. The manufacturer will refund the purchase price if you do not see noticeable results in a given period of time.

How long does it take for Mederma to remove my burn scars?

How long it will be before you see results depends on how severe — and how old — your scar is. The Mederma site cautions that it can take a few weeks to see any improvement; however, it says you will see “optimal results” after three to six months for old scars and eight weeks for new scars.

Are there any disadvantages of using Mederma on burn scars?

Some medical professionals are opposed to the use of burn creams, primarily because the antibiotics in many of these creams can cause allergic reactions. This is not applicable to Mederma as it does not contain antibiotics, and it is dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, and safe for sensitive skin.

The manufacturer does recommend applying a small test patch before using the product on your scar.

Should I use Mederma cream on my burn scar?

Before using any product on your burn scar, check with your doctor. Wait until your burn injury has healed to the point at which your doctor indicates it would be safe to use a scar cream.

CAUTION: If you suffer any side effects, such as an allergic reaction, stop applying Mederma immediately and either head to an emergency room or make an appointment with your doctor’s office.

Mederma is not for use on serious burns (e.g., third- and fourth-degree burns).

Is there any way to cover my burn scar while I am waiting for Mederma to work?

Yes. There are quite a few ways you can cover up your burn scars while waiting for Mederma to work. See our pages on home remedies for burn scars, for burns on the face, and for burns on the arms.

Should I use Mederma on my burn wound?

No. The products are not intended to prevent infection or to provide topical pain relief. You should never use Mederma on an open wound (e.g., you still have a scab or stitches). You should wait until your burn wound has completely closed before using Mederma. You can use Mederma® on old or new scars, not wounds.

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