Victims of the fire at the Oakland warehouse may face many challenges in the weeks, months, and even years ahead. Families of victims face similar challenges.

The following are several resources that can help victims and their families as they search for answers and confront medical, emotional, financial, and legal challenges.

  • Call the Alameda County Sheriff’s Coroner’s Bureau with questions about missing persons: 510-382-3000
  • The Coroner’s Bureau and the American Red Cross have established a Family Assistance Center at:
    • 2425 East 12th Street
      Oakland, CA 94601

Burn Treatment Information

Our Phases of Burn Care download goes over the three stages of the burn care and treatment process: emergent care, acute care, and rehabilitative care. The download is free.

We encourage victims suffering burn wounds to review our other material on burn treatment, including:

Emotional & Psychological Health Information

Victims and their families should not neglect their psychological health and emotional recovery. The Family Assistance Center is offering grief counseling to families affected by the tragedy.

We have several pages addressing psychological care after a burn injury that survivors may find helpful:

Financial & Legal Help for Burn Survivors

The YouCaring funds are raising money to help families affected by this tragedy. Funds raised through these funds can help families address medical bills, funeral and memorial expenses, and other costs. Here are the links to the two funds again:

Some victims may find they are unable to work because of their injuries. They may qualify for Social Security disability benefits depending on their injuries and other factors.

Families concerned about taking legal action can review this list of common legal questions, or speak with a lawyer. Our lawyer referral specialists can help families find a lawyer who can answer their questions: 844-549-8774.