Put simply, we are a team dedicated to helping anyone who has been affected by a burn injury – from victims themselves to their caretakers, friends, and family. We strive to be the leading medical and legal resource for anyone seeking information about burns.

We know that visitors to this website are often distraught, confused, and scared. This is a difficult emotional state to be in when looking for answers to important questions. That is why we set out to create a resource that is both comprehensive and easy to navigate.

At the Burn Victims Resource, we have four primary goals. They are to:

  • Educate readers on the long-term effects of burn injuries;
  • Help burn victims and their advocates understand their rights;
  • Bring to light options for financial assistance; and
  • Connect burn victims with legal professionals in their area.

Educating Readers on the Long-Term Effects of Burns 

Burns have long-lasting effects that are not always clear to victims or their families in the aftermath of an accident. Most know they will require medical care and rehabilitation, but they might be unsure of what that entails and how the burn will affect other aspects of their life. We set out to clarify those concerns.

Helping Burn Victims and Their Advocates Understand Their Rights

After any burn injury, it is important to understand your legal rights. Even if you think you are fully to blame for the burn injury you suffered, there might be mitigating circumstances you are not yet aware of that contributed to your injury. Head over to our legal frequently asked questions page for answers to some of the most important questions you need to ask after an accident.

Bringing to Light Options for Financial Assistance

From workers’ compensation to Social Security disability to VA disability benefits, you have options to get the financial assistance you need to make ends meet after your injury. We give you a comprehensive overview of these options, but recommend speaking with an experienced burn injury attorney for case-specific information about your eligibility for financial assistance and to discuss filing a lawsuit.

And we can even help you find a lawyer in your area…

Connecting You with Legal Resources

We hope this website answers as many of your questions as possible. But we know there is no substitute for one-on-one assistance from a lawyer. Our referral specialists can connect you with highly qualified attorneys in your area. Call 844-549-8774. You can also complete our confidential contact form to learn about your legal options.